MAP+ V3 Demo

With Map+ V3 modules for any applicatio area can be developed without programming knowledge:

  • Lists from database tables, combined with the possibility of geographical selections. Data export of tables or selections to shape, xls, csv, json etc.
  • Nested forms with options for data collection via linked tables, data upload of documents, videos, etc.
  • PDF reports with map integration and possibility of geographic analyses such as overlays

In order to show the capabilities, we have put a demo version online. There you can see modules from TYDAC and  customers, which are otherwise only visible on the intranet:

  • Building zones undeveloped, upload documents, TYDAC
  • Editing mixed geometries, TYDAC
  • Tree cadastre, Geozug Ingenieure AG, Baar
  • Signalization, Geozug Ingenieure AG, Baar
  • Graffiti capture via photos, TYDAC
  • Sewer lines inspection (videos), Darnuzer Ingenieure

You can find instructions on how to use the modules directly in the application by clicking on the "i" next to Examples MAP+ V3. Start demo.

Settlement development

Building permits

With the module building permits can be recorded, edited and archived on of Cavigelli Ingenieure AG . Documents can also be uploaded as required for the building permits. This provides the municipality with a meaningful overview of ongoing and completed procedures. With the table and selection function, it is also possible to filter and search.

The following modules are also used by municipalities on geo-surselva:

  • Cemetery Administration
  • Roads maintenance
  • Projects pipeline cadastre
  • Hunting aids, tree protection, game fences

Kurt Vieli, Enterprise Manager:

In the area of online GIS, we have been relying on the services of TYDAC for over 20 years. Due to the very high customer satisfaction with our end users but also with our employees, as well as the short response times and high availability and flexibility of the applications, we continue to rely on the products of TYDAC. With MAP+ V3 and the possibility to develop modules ourselves, we can offer our customers even more flexible user-specific tools.

Settlement development

Regional Transport and Settlement Concept (RGSK) of the Bern-Mittelland Region (RKBM)

The aim and purpose of the RGSK is to coordinate overall transport and settlement development in the medium to long term and to steer them in the desired direction. The RGSK is drawn up jointly by the 75 RKBM municipalities. It is renewed every four years. The concept is an instrument with the character of a guideline plan. It creates binding and reliable guidelines for the communal local planning.

The latest version is the RGSK 2021/AP4 (agglomeration program 4th generation). The data was published at the beginning of November 2022 in the new, MAP+ based WebGIS of the Regional Conference Bern-Mittelland. Read more here.

Link to the application:

Infrastructure maintenance

Climate change

Energy turnaround

The energy transition is a hot topic. For municipalities, it is therefore becoming increasingly important to establish and analyze the basics. Questions that arise:

  • What energy sources are currently available in the buildings? Natural gas, fuel oil, environmental heat, district heating, wood, etc.
  • What does the energy plan look like? What kind of usage is existing or planned?
  • What is the strategy for the future? Strategic plans, e.g. for gas.
  • Where does it have Minergie buildings?
  • Solar energy: suitability roofs and facades?

The energy city of Wädenswil, for example, has compiled all this data in its WebGIS.

Link city map Wädenswil, example solar cadastre

Outdoor Geoportal

MAP+ geo.admin

Using the Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure (BGDI), federal offices have published most of their data as web services. As of August 2021, there were about 700 services available.

TYDAC has compiled through its OpenData WIKI the list of services grouped by federal office. A new MAP+ Application was set up, which shows most of the services (WMS and a selection of WMTS):

  • 686 layers in total , including query options
  • virtually all with associated legend
  • Search function by name and keywords
  • in four languages: German, French, Italian, English
  • Configuration files for MAP+ V3

3D Switzerland

Based on MAP+ 3D we put together a demo about Switzerland. Thanks to the release of the data and thanks to the APIs from swisstopo, it was relatively easy to put together the demo. We also prepared some data ourselves. As follows:

swisstopo, WMTS and WMS geo.admin:

  • WMTS aerial photo, national map, relief
  • 3D tilesets buildings and trees
  • WMS Hazard map surface runoff, wildlife resting areas.

Prepared by TYDAC:

  • 3D mesh elevation model in 2m resolution based on swissALTI3D
  • 3D tilesets mountain peaks and huts
  • Search with Solr technology over about 3 million objects
  • WMTS hiking trails
  • WMS closures and detours hiking trails
  • WMS swissnames


GO GeodataOnline

Romano Hofmann, Management, Head of Department Geomatics and GIS, Geozug Ingenieure AG:

"We see our WebGIS GO not only as a publication medium for geodata, but it is also important for our customers that they can manage and edit their own geodata themselves. Especially for work in the field (for example, by municipal employees), it is important that the applications are very easy to use and can be used on different devices. TYDAC has an excellent understanding of how to translate the demanding and diverse requirements into applications with a wide range of functionalities that can be used intuitively (even by non-experts). Thanks to the easy-to-learn development possibilities, we can thus offer our customers cost-effective customized GIS applications for the digitization of their everyday work."