3D Switzerland

3D Switzerland

Based on MAP+ 3D we put together a demo about Switzerland. Thanks to the release of the data and thanks to the APIs from swisstopo, it was relatively easy to put together the demo. We also prepared some data ourselves. As follows:

swisstopo, WMTS and WMS geo.admin:

  • WMTS aerial photo, national map, relief
  • 3D tilesets buildings and trees
  • WMS Hazard map surface runoff, wildlife resting areas.

Prepared by TYDAC:

  • 3D mesh elevation model in 2m resolution based on swissALTI3D
  • 3D tilesets mountain peaks and huts
  • Search with Solr technology over about 3 million objects
  • WMTS hiking trails
  • WMS closures and detours hiking trails
  • WMS swissnames




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