Infrastructure maintenance

Infrastructure maintenance

MAP+ is not only a publication system for geodata, users can also manage and edit their own geodata themselves. It is particularly important for work in the field (for example, by municipal work yards) that the applications are very easy to use and can be used on different devices. With MAP+ modules can be configured almost at will without programming [Romano Hofmann, Geozug Ingenieure AG].

Examples of customer applications in the area of maintenance infrastructure:

Geozug: GO Geodatenonline

Geozug, supported by TYDAC, has set up a variety of specialized modules, including:

  • Tree cadastre: enables the maintenance planning of street trees and trees on green areas. It forms a useful basis for planning and projecting within a municipality.
  • Signaling: Record and manage signal stands, signals and associated documents in GO. The basis of the application is the federal signalization ordinance (SSV). The module contains a catalog of all signal boards of the SSV. In addition, it is possible to expand the catalog user-specifically with additional signal boards.
  • Road infrastructure: monitoring of the planned works and the development of the general road condition.
  • Other modules are: Sewerage management, document management, street furniture, waste management, etc.
  • Description of the modules
  • GO Geodatenonline public
  • Detailed information about the project
City of Wädenswil

For the city of Wädenswil we have configured the following modules for administration and maintenance:

  • Energy carriers: Recording and management of the energy carriers of all buildings. Attributes besides energy carrier: energy reference area, heat demand, peak load coverage, year of construction, etc.
  • Wastewater street drains: maintenance of inlet manholes and street drains
  • Maintenance of green spaces: effort, responsibility, agreements, maintenance (what, when), planting lists, etc.
  • WebGIS Wädenswil public
City of Chur

The city of Chur has recently been developing modules independently, realized are:

  • Road maintenance: Coordination of repair works, costs, coordination of construction sites
  • Fire department: planning of operations, editing of building information, in particular access to buildings
  • Surveying: editing and management of updates
  • Other modules: Graffiti walls, electric information about customer connection, snow poles, etc.
  • WebGIS Chur public


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