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Open Data

Quote Making data public, freely available and usable results in more transparency, innovation and efficiency - that is Open Data.

TYDAC and Open Data

Already at the time when we started in 1991, we were aware of the importance of data and its accessibility. Thus, TYDAC was the first company in Switzerland to actively process and offer geodata. The first data were the municipal boundaries and related statistical data. Our evaluation of the EEA vote in 1992 became famous, and later we added self-generated zip code boundaries. And at the TYDAC user meeting in 2002, we were the first to talk about "Open Data" when the term didn't even exist. This has continued until today: we still process data, deal very intensively with Open Data and offer data and related services to our customers. Whenever possible at favorable conditions. In addition, we offer further services around geoinformation: application development, support, training, data processing, project support, consulting etc.

Results EEA vote 1991

DaaS - Data as a Service

We offer MAP+ as Softŵare as a Service (SaaS). Data as a Service is a lesser known term. TYDAC offers a combination of both with MAP+. DaaS is integrated into the SaaS offering. In concrete terms: as a customer, you only have to take care of your own data - the geodata is processed by TYDAC ready to use and pre-configured for MAP+. Preconfigured means: including query and legend, depending on the data as WMS or WMTS.

Open Data WIKI

We have compiled an overview of available open data in our Open Data WIKI section.

MAP+ geo.admin

Using the Federal Spatial Data Infrastructure (BGDI), federal offices have published most of their data as web services. As of August 2021, there were about 700 services available. All well and good, but where can I get an overview, where can I search efficiently? TYDAC has integrated almost all services in a MAP+ application, including queries and legends, and in four languages: de, fr, it, en.

Link to MAP+ geo.admin


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