MAP+ V3 Demo

MAP+ V3 Demo

With Map+ V3 modules for any applicatio area can be developed without programming knowledge:

  • Lists from database tables, combined with the possibility of geographical selections. Data export of tables or selections to shape, xls, csv, json etc.
  • Nested forms with options for data collection via linked tables, data upload of documents, videos, etc.
  • PDF reports with map integration and possibility of geographic analyses such as overlays

In order to show the capabilities, we have put a demo version online. There you can see modules from TYDAC and  customers, which are otherwise only visible on the intranet:

  • Building zones undeveloped, upload documents, TYDAC
  • Editing mixed geometries, TYDAC
  • Tree cadastre, Geozug Ingenieure AG, Baar
  • Signalization, Geozug Ingenieure AG, Baar
  • Graffiti capture via photos, TYDAC
  • Sewer lines inspection (videos), Darnuzer Ingenieure

You can find instructions on how to use the modules directly in the application by clicking on the "i" next to Examples MAP+ V3. Start demo.



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