City of Chur

The City of Chur works with TYDAC since more than half of its existence - 15 years! For the publication of spatial data, the City of Chur uses TYDAC products since 2001. Such a long partnership in the hectic world of computer science is exceptional and demonstrates mutual respect. More about that in the presentation of the City of Chur at the 25 years TYDAC event. Link Internet Version.

Urs Zimmermann, Geoinformation City of Chur:

Solution-oriented, fast, reliable - this is the experience of the City of Chur with TYDAC since the beginning of the common WebGIS era in 2001. The cooperation lasts now the life cycle of several WebMap systems. TYDAC's solution has once more proved to be the most appropriate in the recent tender.


The city uses a variety of components to cover the needs of users:


Currently, a total of 132 layers are published on the intranet of the city:

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No matter if at the office, at home or on the way. For the intranet, extranet or the public.