SHOP+: A state of the art shop for geodata

SHOP + is a state-of-the-art spatial data shop. In Switzerland unique, it was created using standard components, whenever possible using open source. The most advanced implementation is GeoGR. the Geodata Store of the Grisons - with a unreached offer and free data - amazing!

SHOP+: Three steps and a product is online

Hard to believe, but it is really easy to put a geospatial product online. For example, let us look at the cadastral survey data. Let's say, you already have the database. In this case the missing three steps to put the data online are:

  • CREATE: Definition of the download process and parameters in FME Workbench - in lot of cases you already have that handy ...
  • UPLOAD: Upload of the Workbench to FME Server, directly from FME Workbench
  • PUBLISH: You log into SHOP+ as administrator, copy an existing product and edit the description and the assigned workbench(es) and formats
  • READY!

GeoGR SHOP+ Workflow

The image illustrates the workflow of SHOP+ in the case of GeoGR:

  • The surveying companies upload daily updated data by municipality, via an INTERLIS Checker to the server. Normally up to 30 municipalities are uploaded every day
  • The data is written nightly into a PostGIS database using FME Server
  • In case of errors, administrators are informed by e-mail (almost never the case, as the data is checked before processing and refused in case of errors)
  • The data is now ready to be ordered, in different ways and formats:
    • Original files of the updates (INTERLIS format), by municipality
    • Four more formats by municipality, processed on order by FME Server: Geobau DXF, ESRI Shape, ESRI Geodatabase mdb or gdb
    • Sections of the data, graphically selected by the user (see image above): Geobau DXF, ESRI Shape, ESRI Geodatabase mdb - as CLIP-ZIP-SHIP

SHOP+ Functions

SHOP+ is based on an extended Drupal and offers an optimized shopping solution for geodata:

  • Content Management System: Definition of the content, such as description and products
  • Shop Products:
    • off-the-shelf = Download of files, such as original data uploads
    • on-the-fly = Online processing of ordered products using FME Server
    • on-demand = which is created offline on demand with the capability to upload it to the users shopping cart
  • Vector, Raster, Grid Support
  • RSS Feeds subscription of update notifications (see image)
  • e-commerce:
    • Registration / Login
    • User management
    • User roles
    • Payment methods, such as Paypal, Postfinance, internal accounts
  • Online Statistics: timeframe, users, products, accounts, usage, formats ...