City of Wädenswil using MAP+

City of Wädenswil using MAP+ for Autodesk AIMS


Since July 2001, wow, since 15 years, TYDAC runs the Web GIS application for the City of Wädenswil. In the past the data was acquired and managed with Adalin, was exported to INTERLIS and translated to MapInfo Professional as the desktop solution, and to Neapoljs as a web solution (using the same format). In recent years the city has migrated the base system to Autodesk Topobase and Autodesk Map 3D. Therefore, it became obvious to migrate the web solution as well.

Migration to MAP+

The migration to MAP+ for AIMS (Autodesk Infrastructure MapServer) required not only a shift to the new web mapping software, but also a radical change of the underlying data structure and formats. The data is transferred to MAP+, respectively AIMS the following way:

  • Periodic export from Topobase to SQLite using FME, upload via ftp. Frequency as needed (the export of all required data does not take more then a few minutes).
  • Export the display definition from Autodesk Map3D toAIMS, and change the data link from Topobase to SQLite (this is a one time task, only to be repeated if there are major changes in the display definitions; minor changes are done manually).
  • The basemaps (tiles: surveying, city map, aerial photographs) are processed using MapCache, updates as needed (e.g. survey nightly).

Public Site

The public site has been migrated, redesigned, and extended:

  • Tiled base maps: survey, survey in grey, city map (based on OSM++ from TYDAC), aerial photographs
  • Points of interest: selection of own POIs and from external sources, such as public transport stops and mobility
  • Planning: zoning, construction lines (WMS canton of Zurich), ready for construction plots etc.
  • Additional surveying layers: panned buildings and properties, transparent survey layer for superposition with aerial images
  • Sewage (only display)
  • Search: addresses, properties, local names, etc., optionally filtered (a single search for everything)
  • Printing: quick preview or PDF A4 and A3 formats
  • Measure and exact measurement lines (snap to the underlying data, point to point and orthogonal)
  • Redlining


The intranet application offers in addition to the internet version:

  • Water and Gas in addition to Sewage
  • Information queries on sewage, water, gas with highlight function (Image 1)
  • Measure: simple and orthogonal measurement on survey, pipes etc. (see as well below, GeoGR)
  • PDF Print: in addition to A4 and A3, 3xA4 and 4xA4, which even can be rotated (Image 2)