City of Wädenswil

City of Wädenswil

Since 2001

Public City Map

The public city map offers the following maps and functions:

  • Base maps: surveying, city map (based on OSM++ from TYDAC), aerial photos
  • Points of Interest: selection of own POIs and those from external sources such as public transport stops and Mobility Car Sharing
  • Planning: zoning plan, building lines (WMS of the canton), land ready for construction, etc.
  • Additions to the surveying data: projected buildings and properties, transparent surveying maps for overlaying with aerial photograph.
  • Waste water plant plan
  • Search: by addresses, properties, local names, etc., optionally filtered (one single search for everything)
  • Print: simple preview or PDF A4 and A3
  • Measuring and exact dimensioning (point to point and orthogonal)
  • Redlining


This offers the following in addition to the city map:

  • Pipeline cadastre: plant plans for wastewater, water and gas
  • Information query on line cadastre with highlight function
  • Measuring of manholes and pipes (simple and orthogonal dimensioning)
  • PDF printing: in addition to A4 and A3, 3xA4 and 4xA4, also rotatable

Link to the public city map


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