Who is TYDAC?

A good overview of our history, doing, and people gives the presentation of 25 Years TYDAC (German).

At TYDAC we are specialized in the application of geographic information and spatial analysis in any kind of area. We have developed a broad client base and expertise in the application of GIS for forestry, engineering, telecommunications, market analysis, banking, insurance, administration, education, and many more. TYDACs' customers, as per today over 600, include major banks, insurances, retailers, communication and utility companies, government agencies and a large number of engineering companies.

What is the main differentiator?:

  • Quality and Reliability: Complete satisfaction of our clients needs is our number one goal
  • Innovation: The products we offer are based on a young and exciting technology and not only make life easier but enrich it as well. TYDAC, since its inception, always offered products that are leading in price-performance and quality.
  • Efficiency, no frills: see our references and projects and keep in mind that we are only six ...
  • Multilingual: We can support our clients in most of the Western European languages: English, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Furthermore, as an exception in the GIS world, we are independent. We do not follow any "GIS religion". We are working with:

  • MAP+ is our own product, which can be based on open source or proprietary Web Mapping components
  • SHOP+ is our own Geodata Shopping product
  • FME: TYDAC is Safe Partner and was 1997 the first reseller on the European continent
  • MapInfo Professional:TYDAC is MapInfo Premium Partner since 1995 (today Pitney Bowes Software)
  • Google: Google Partner Geospatial, since 2011
  • Open Source: We develop and work as well with Open Source products, such as UMN MapServer, GeoServer, PostGIS, MySQL, Drupal and others

Awarded many times

We are proud to be owners of quite a pile of dust catchers:

  • SPANS Reseller of the Year 1995 - Worldwide
  • MapInfo Partner of the Year 1997 - Central Europe
  • MapInfo Outstanding Revenue Achievement Award 1997
  • FME Best Reseller - 1999
  • AGIS GeoAS Best Reseller - 1999/2000
  • Pitney Bowes Business Insight Partner of the Year 2006 - DACH
  • Pitney Bowes Business Insight Partner of the Year 2011 - DACH
  • Winner of the Google Partner Sales Acceleration Campaign 2012: wow, for once not a dust catcher but a Study Tour to San Francisco and Google's Mountainview Offices!