SBB Telecom

SBB Telecom

As the system manager, SBB Telecom operates a GSM-R communications network for all railroad operations in Switzerland. SBB Telecom plans, builds and operates the network. The MRD (Mobile Rail Data) application, a custom development commissioned by SBB, is used for planning, documentation and monitoring. In addition to internal requirements, MRD is also used to exchange information within the Group (SBB Infrastructure, SBB Real Estate) and with external system partners (private railroads, Swisscom, Sunrise UPC, Salt, In Tunnel Com, Bakom, BAV, BAFU).

Functional scope (features), integration and interfaces

  • Business processes: digitized workflows in infrastructure planning and maintenance.
  • Distributed system across multiple domains in intranet and extranet
  • Identity Access Management
  • API and services for human-machine interactions as well as machine-machine dialogs,

The screenshot shows SBB infrastructure points in their location and the neighborhood relationships among the objects. The representation allows a real-time view of components of the Switzerland-wide communication infrastructure:

  • Left part: Content Management: 6 main topics with over 100 subcategories.
  • Center: The subcategories can be arranged in the sense of layers to form a map. Status information is displayed in real time by colors and shapes of the icons.
  • Right: Access to data, reports and workflows.


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