Infrastructure Zürichsee AG

Infrastructure Zürichsee AG

Infrastructure Zürichsee AG

Since 2013

Infrastruktur Zürichsee AG is the company in charge regarding electricity and water supply, construction projects, alternative energies and billing solutions in Meilen and Uetikon am See (Lake of Zurich).

WebGIS based on MAP+

The WebGIS is used internally and on the extranet and includes the following data:

  • Official survey and aerial photos as background
  • Data managed by Infrastructure Zürichsee AG:
    • Water
    • Electricity
  • Data of the foreign utilities companies:
    • Waste water
    • Gas Zurich
    • Swisscom
    • Cablecom

Special highlight functions

What makes the application special are the highlight functions in the field of electricity:

  • Highlight of the course of each power cable
  • Highlight of the pipes and associated cable routing ("line logic", see image above).


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