GeoplanTeam AG

GeoplanTeam AG

Since 2000

GeoplanTeam AG, based in Nidau and active in the Seeland region, is a surveying and engineering company and a service provider for municipal and regional geoinformation, pipeline cadastre and infrastructure projects.

At the beginning of 2018, Autodesk announced the end of life of Autodesk Infrastructure MapServer (AIMS). Time to think about the life expectation and further development of the closely related MapGuide Open Source. After a thorough evaluation, the choice fell on MAP+ from TYDAC in combination with UMN MapServer as mapping engine. The following factors in particular contributed to the decision:

  • The core competence of data processing with FME is handled by GeoplanTeam
  • GeoplanTeam can contribute its know-how to the development as far as needed by the clients
  • Programming, further development and maintenance is ensured by TYDAC
  • MAP+ is a proven product and is successfully used in similar environments (engineering and surveying offices serving municipalities and private companies)
  • A wide range of geospatial data is available ready to use (50+ WMS including legends, metadata links; OSM++; POIs; etc.).
  • The mapping tools are intuitive and the interface of MAP+ is modern and responsive - this was also confirmed by interviews with a selection of existing TYDAC customers during the evaluation phase
  • The costs of MAP+ are reasonable and clearly defined

By now, all 40 municipalities, companies and projects have been migrated to MAP+ and are online.

Quote GeoplanTeam:

We are pleased by the fact that MAP+ is very easy to configure and therefore time saving. We also receive positive feedback from our customers. This gives us the incentive to get the best out of MAP+ and to develop further features in cooperation with TYDAC....



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