Google Maps API

Google Maps for Work

Google Maps API is used by over 500,000 developers worldwide, with business ready features and support for Premier customers.

  • Internal deployments
  • Power mobile applications in addition to desktop applications with the same code
  • Add custom content such as custom searches and data layers from your organization
  • Customize features and colors of the map with Stylized Maps
  • Use additional Geocodes with up to 100,000 Queries per day for Premier customers only
  • Street View API: The Google Street View API provides interactive, panoramic 360 degree views that you can embed in your website to engage potential customers or use internally to make street-level business decisions. The Street View API can also be used to create custom outdoor and indoor panoramas from your own imagery.
  • Directions API: Optimize routing for delivery trucks or salespeople with the Directions API from Google Maps. Leverage the Google Directions API to find the optimal route between two points on Google Maps.

TYDAC Services

TYDAC develops Google Maps based application s since 2007. Examples are, and the sunrise apps such as the ShopFinder or the Coverage Tool.

Data and Data Integration

TYDAC offers data and data integration services along with Google Maps. What does data integration mean? This is best explained looking at MAP+. MAP+ integrates besides own maps around 100'000 Points of Interest (POI) and search options on around 200'000 local Swiss Names:

  • OSM++ maps based on OpenStreetMap and other sources
  • Slope map
  • over 100'000 POIs
  • Hikes
  • WMS Services from many sources

Application Development

TYDAC has over 15 years experience in Web Mapping Application Development. Since 2007 we develop as well Google Maps API based apps. As an example, again

MAP+ Toolbar

  • Zoom window
  • Print
  • Send maps as bookmark
  • Distance measurement
  • Drawing functionality
  • Linking of the current view
  • Export maps to Google Earth

Additional functionality

  • Address search
  • Swiss names search (over 200'000)
  • POI display and search
  • coordinates display (Swiss and WGS84)
  • Capture and editing of POIs

Example Sunrise Applications

For Sunrise we developed the Coverage Tool and the Shopfinder using the Maps API:

  • Integration of the coverage data for 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Search for addresses based on GeoPost data
  • Shop locations and related data
  • Intranet applications for data capture