geoProSuisse - regional, networked, competent

geoProSuisse was created on the initiative of public utilities in the Canton of Aargau. geoProSuisse is a renowned, competent, and innovative GIS provider in the German part of Switzerland and offers comprehensive geo-services, which are aimed at a long-term customer value.

Burkhard Kilcher, CEO geoProRegio AG (today geoProSuisse)

We work with TYDAC since 2008. A "Web-GIS" has never been so easy to use and so straightforward. The competent, sympathetic and highly motivated team in Bern has helped us, among other things, to establish our product "geoProRegio" ( on the GIS market. After eight common years, we are more then ever convinced that TYDAC is among the best in the GIS World. We look forward to further cooperation.

Public - Professional - Shop

geoProSuisse provides the web platform for beginners and professionals. A user-friendly interface, advanced features, and an extremely high performance data processing in web browsers make the usage of the service a comfortable experience. Users include:

  • Municipalities
  • Energy providers
  • Supply facilities
  • Disposal facilities
  • Companies, administrations, industries
  • In short: anyone who needs to visualize and analyze geographic data

Comprehensive Information Systems for Municipalities and Utilities

Hundreds of themes for any imaginable source:

Integration of infra3D

The infra3D service iNovitas provides a high resolution, georeferenced 3D image environment directly to the workplace. The integration within MAP+ includes: