GeoGR Shop - 7x24

GeoGR is a corporation with the aim to provide and disseminate geographic information services to the economy of the Grisons. Using the Geodata Shop, over 100 data products can be purchased online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Purchased? Yes, but for free - the Grisons follows an Open Data policy, which is simply great! For more details on GeoGR see the Presentation held at the 25 years TYDAC event (German only).

Reto Conrad, CEO GeoGR Inc.:

The canton of Grisons has shown quite a bit of courage with the decision to outsource the distribution of cantonal spatial data to a private company. The WebGIS solution TYDAC implemented, not only met GeoGR's expectations, it showed that the decision to trust private intiative was the right one. With the technical implementation, TYDAC sets with every release new standards in the industry.

GeoGR - Daily Data Updates

The surveying data on GeoGR is updated daily - for the Shop and for the Web GIS:

Data Products

In total, up to 100 different data products can be downloaded in different formats:

Components and Numbers

The Geodata-Shop has been built using the following components:

In 2015, over 10'000 products have been ordered, with a data volume of 132GB. Using the Web GIS 50'000 Plots have been created. In total there are 4'000 registered users.