City Map St. Gall migrated to MAP+

City Map St. Gall for the internet and intranet

Migration from Neapoljs to MAP +

The first installation of Neapoljs at the City of St. Gall took place in 2003! That said for the longevity of TYDAC products - Windows XP was barely two years old at that time! OK, the Neapoljs based city map had its age, but still worked fine.

We were very happy when the city decided to migrate to MAP +. The advantage was, that Neapolj's customers under maintenance could migrate to MAP+ without additional software costs. Only the costs of the involved work would be charged.

The result is a rocking city map application based on the latest MAP + version, using UMN MapServer as a web mapping server. A few basics:

  • Four basemaps: City Map, Cadastral Surveying, Aerial Image 2018 and OSM ++ Switzerland
  • Altogether approximately 175 layers in 15 categories (and far more in the Intranet). Easy and fast to display thanks to the unique layer control and search function of MAP+
  • Pre-cooked thematic maps
  • Search functionality using Apache Lucene Solr, the blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform: extremely fast and intuitive search for objects and maps
  • Light and embedded versions for integration into web pages
  • Integration of Infra3D from iNovitas (Intranet)
  • Link to the 3D city map
  • Version for smartphones

We may quote Mr Stephan Horat, Head of Geomatics and Surveying:

The new city map is a pleasure - we appreciate the speed and especially the flexibility and openness of the configuration: almost everything is possible. We are also very fond of the capabilities of connecting data and services from all imaginable sources - primarily our own data, but also data services of the federal and cantonal authorities as well as TYDAC services.