City of Chur: 3D City Map using MAP+ 3D

3D City of Chur

City of Chur with MAP + 3D

Towards the end of 2018, TYDAC AG was commissioned with the realization of the 3D City Map of the City of Chur. Among other things, the goal was to integrate functions of the existing 2D City Map based on MAP + and to exploit synergies. The application was programmed by TYDAC at its own expense as MAP+ 3D from scratch, the City of Chur had only to pay for data integration, configuration and installation.

MAP+ 3D is based on Cesium, a JavaScript library for the realization of 3D applications on the Web. For data integration different components were used (except FME everything open source):

  • FME for the generation of Cesium 3D Tiles: buildings, construction projects, buildings with solar cadastre
  • Blender and FME for generating 3D objects (trees)
  • Cesium Terrain Builder Docker for calculating Cesium Terrain Tiles in quantized mesh format
  • UMN MapServer and MapProxy for creating WMS (aerial image, zoning map, properties)

The following was recycled from the existing 2D MAP+ City Map:

  • WMS definitions of aerial image, zoning and properties
  • Queries on properties (including live intersection with addresses on the property and querying of property ownership from GeoGR) and zoning
  • Search funtionality based on Apache Lucene Solr