NODI - National OpenData Infrastructure

TYDAC annouces NODI - WebGIS based on MAP+ integrating Swiss Open Data.


MAP+ is our Web GIS environment. Previously, the offering included Web GIS software and data access to OSM + and the TYDAC POIs. With NODI and the editing options, we also offer a greatly expanded version: MAP+ Pro.

NODI - National OpenData Infrastructure

NODI is Italian for nodes. With NODI we are building a network of Open Data. Details about the work on NODI can be found below. Status as of today:

MAP+ Pro = WebGIS + GeoData + Editing


  • Users have access to all available data always up-to-date and in a user-friendly interface.
  • The effort to provide and integrate the foreign services is obsolete. The data is just there - up-to-date and properly configured.
  • Thanks to pre-configured mashups or storymaps, customers can put their data in the correct context and create maps without any additional effort.
  • Workload is reduced to maintaining your own data and layers
  • And: as far as we are aware, MAP + is the only system that offers WMS-based editing functions

Who takes advantage?

  • The greatest benefit we see for municipalities and utility companies which are based in cantons with open data policy.
  • National providers of real estate, communications, transport or utilities also benefit from free access to geodata, primarily from free access to official surveying. Today, Open Geo Data covers around 75% of the population and two thirds of the area.

What does MAP+ Pro provide?

MAP+ Pro provides the following:

  • MAP+ standard functionality (our previous WebGIS offer, still available as "MAP+ Standard")
  • Layer editing functionality on WMS and geoJSON basis
  • Ribbon technology
  • Print up to A0
  • Access to OSM ++, TYDAC POIs and NODI web services
  • Apache Lucene Solr based, extreme fast search
  • Administration Software

MAP+ Standard and MAP+ Pro are offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) . Means: no large initial investments, manageable fixed annual costs.

NODI - as well a service public

We are not a public administration, but there is nowhere written that private may not offer service public. Beside, which was as well improved, NODI Switzerland, NODI Bern and NODI Zurich are publicly accessible.

NODI - What we did

Making Open Data available

There are now 14 cantons (12 plus 2 halves, BL and BS) and some federal agencies offering geodata as open data (or under similar conditions). In total, the 14 cantons cover 75% of the population or two-thirds of the national territory! But: So far, there was no Web GIS application or site integrating and illustrating all this data in one place.

Many different sources in many places ...

We have set ourselves the task of collecting and integrate all this data:

  • Official Surveying:
    • opendata-av was a revelation. Here the data of 10 cantons is offered in one place in a consistent format (by municipality, periodically updated)
    • in another three cantons, the data of the official surveying can be freely obtained
  • Digital Elevation (DTM and DSM) - quite a bit of an effort ...
    • we had to obtain the data from every single canton
    • always huge datasets
    • nevertheless, the delivery was very quick everywhere. Compliment to the cantons!
    • processing the data to obtain reliefs, multilayered TIFFs for querying, slope and contours was challenging ... we processed several hundred of GB of data
  • Web-Services:
    • here we have confined ourselves to those of the Swiss Federal Administration
    • out of the 959 available, we tried to integrate the ones that are useful - like: Bündnerfleisch tastes excellent, but where it comes from everyone knows ... Does anyone miss something? Feedback welcome!
  • Points of Interest
    • We integrated the TYDAC POIs collection, probably unique in Switzerland.


We used (among others) the following software, all Open Source except FME Server (MAP+ we see as a service):

Official surveying maps representation

With the years we have been working on it, the representation has reached a high level of perfection (on screen and for printing purposes), not least thanks to input, assistance and feedback from customers (such as GeoGR or the City of Chur). A couple of remarks:

  • for small scales we used some OpenStreetMap layers
  • from scales 1:15'000 to 1:2'000 we used the norm "Basisplan"
  • for scales > 1:2'000 we used the norm "Plan für das Grundbuch"
  • for the color representation we have said goodbye to the norm, too bright and too pink ... we have tried to do better

NODI Switzerland

NODI Switzerland -

  • four background maps: surveying gray, surveying color, TYDAC OSM++, aerial images (WMS from the cantons, some being a bit slow, be patiant ...)
  • in total over 125 Layers
  • Layers comply (where suitable):
    • Information queries (see "i" in the icon, in addition almost all POIs)
    • Legends and Meta Data Links (hyperlink on layer name)
  • Search on over 6 million objects
  • and of course all the useful MAP+ Functions integrated as a ribbon
  • we give a lot on multilingual, but since the Swiss French and the Swiss Italian do not promote Open Data (exceptions: BE, GE, GR and VS), we have for the time being only realized German (except GeoGR and NODI Bern, see below)
  • last not least: on NODI Switzerland you can see very prominently which cantons do not offer Open Data

NODI Cantons

Some cantons offer comprehensive data collections and/or WMS services. We have collected them and put together a comprehensive solution based on MAP+. Other cantons are under work.

"NODI" Grisons

Of course there is no NODI Grisons, but there is GeoGR, as well in italian. And here the link to the GeoGR Shop.


The canton of Bern offers a lot of data for download, but only a few WMS services. In connection with customer projects, we have compiled a comprehensive data collection with NODI Bern that outshines NODI Switzerland. Total NODI Bern includes:

  • four background maps: surveying gray, surveying color, TYDAC OSM++, aerial images (Google)
  • Over 160 Layers
  • Virtually all layers that are based on cantonal data are set up as WMS or WMTS, including WMS-generated legends and metadata links to the cantonal portal (in total 67 WMS or WMTS Layer)
  • 99% bilingual de/fr, as well all WMS and legends!

NODI Zurich

NODI Zurich is a little less extensive than NODI Bern. However there are aerial photographs 2014/15 and 2015/16 and numerous WMS of the canton.