Geospatial Internet Solutions: WebGIS 2.0

Our new brochure describes our offerings, especially with a focus on MAP+.

Geospatial Internet Solutions: WebGIS 2.0

WebGIS 2.0 - What does it mean?

Wikipedia: "Web 2.0 refers to World Wide Web websites that emphasize user-generated content, usability (ease of use, even by non-experts), and interoperability (this means that a website can work well with other products, systems, and devices) for end users." Translated to WebGIS 2.0 it means that users can capture and edit data themselves. This is common practice by TYDAC products since a few years, on anyone can edit and capture data. Another good example is OpenStreetMap (OSM), where geodata is created by the people worldwide - with an astonishing quality. We use and enhance OSM with other free data since a long time, again, the results can be seen on as what we calle OSM++.

What makes a WebGIS a good WebGIS?

In a survey on WebGIS, the following criteria were particularly frequently mentioned:

  •  Ease of use   
  •  Speed ​​and responsiveness    
  •  Aesthetics, recognition, integration    
  •  Suitability for mobile devices    
  •  Versatility, modularity, and configurability    

It is interesting that this hit parade of requirements equally applies to internet users as to professionals.

MAP+: ​​An overall concept

MAP+ fulfills the five points above entirely with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Our new brochure describes this in detail:

  • High benefits at a low cost: MAP+ starts at CHF 6'000 per year, including hosting, data updates, and support. 24x7. Comes up to approximately five coffees per day (OK, in Zurich you get only two cappuccinos ...). And it seamlessly works on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Maps in highest quality: For us an appealing presentation of the geodata is the highest value of a WebGIS. Or our selection of over 100,000 POIs, OSM++ maps from OpenStreetMap data, enriched with open data, not only restricted to Switzerland. We also prepare data ourselves, which we make available to our customers, amongst others. Again: have a look at
  • Search - Find - Queries: The value of geodata lies in the information behind it. In addition, the combination of information from different data layers offers added value: such as profiles generated from elevation models, overlays of parcels with zoning or links with photos, videos and more.
  • Measure - Edit - Capture: Exact measurement, orthogonal dimensioning: already seen in a WebGIS? MAP+ offers a variety of data acquisition and import tools: capture and edit objects based on Web Mapping Services (WMS),  with snap-functionality (points, lines, surfaces), import and automatic localization of photos, import of GPX and DXF, etc. As another example, the photo import function: data can be acquried by anyone who has a smartphone! And thanks to a mass import function, hundreds of photos can be imported in one step.
  • Integration, distributed systems: No matter which data and sources, almost everything can be integrated directly or via automated processes. We have specialized in integrating open geodata from cantons and federal government and providing periodic updates. Thus, we have prepared the openly available data of the Canton of Berne. You can get an insight at The comprehensive range of open data can easily be complemented even with your own data, such as sewage, water, gas, electricity etc.

The second half of the brochure completes the description of our offer: tailor-made (application development), data and services (FME, WebGIS design), geodata hubs (such as GeoGR, see, offers for application service providers and last not least our trainings and seminars.

Inside the cover pages and in the middle you will find a large selection of references and links to applications of your client base. Enjoy reading and surfing!

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