MAP+ 3D Switzerland Demo

Environmentally friendly flights with the MAP+ 3D Switzerland Demo

MAP+ 3D in action ...

Based on MAP+ 3D we have put together a demo about Switzerland. Thanks to open data policy to the APIs from swisstopo, it was relatively easy to put together the demo. We also processed some data ourselves. As follows:

swisstopo tilesets and WMTS and WMS geo.admin:

  • WMTS aerial images, topgraphic maps, relief
  • 3D tilesets buildings and trees
  • WMS Overland flow map, wildlife protection areas

Processed by TYDAC:

  • 3D mesh elevation model in 2m resolution (based on swisstopo swissALTI 3D)
  • 3D tilesets peaks and huts
  • Search unsing Apache Solr technology (more then 3 million objects)
  • WMTS hiking trails
  • WMS closed hiking trails
  • WMS swissnames